The current director of the Brousseau Gallery, Jean-Francois Brousseau, has been selecting the best work by a number of Inuit artists represented by the North Canadian Inuit cooperatives for 15 years. Thanks to his numerous and large purchases, he has been encouraging these artists to pursue their works in total freedom and in faithfulness to their ancestral traditions. This has also helped the artists to improve their standard of living in the Canadian arctic.

A panoramic view of the gallery

The following view allows you enter into a virtual visit of the gallery. By clicking on the image you can move from left to right. There are 2 zones of the gallery available for viewing.

Our sculptures are one of a kind creations.

These are the most truly Canadian works available today!

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Several prestigious clients:

Museum of Civilizations, Gatineau, Québec

Museum of Fine Art of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

Museum of Civilisation, Québec, Québec

Bombardier International, Montréal, Québec

National Museum of Fine Art of Quebec, Quebec

Museum of Confluences, Lyon, France

The Watteville Foundation, Switzerland

As well as many European, American and faithful Canadian clients.